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Thats me, returned the Inspector. Got a note for me?

First of all, it should be easy to find out whether he really was in Paris up till Tuesday evening. Fran?ois and the other servants could tell him this with regard to Sunday, Sunday night, and Monday night, and the office staff at the pump manufactory could testify to Monday and Tuesday morning. The servants could also tell whether he unpacked the statue on Monday evening. There was then the question of the time he left his office on Tuesday; that could easily be ascertained. With regard to the restaurant at Charenton, M. Boirac would be a well-dressed and striking luncher at a place in such a locality, and would therefore undoubtedly have been specially noticed. If he really did lunch there, confirmation should be easily obtainable, particularly as the episode of the telephone would further call attention to the visit. The receipt of these telephone messages should also be easy to substantiate, as well as the leaving of the luggage at the Gare du Nord. Confirmation from the Gare du Nord cloak-room attendant, as well as from the waiters in the restaurant in the Place de la Bastille, could hardly be expected, owing to the larger number of strangers these men served, but both places would be worth trying. Inquiries at Malines might prove Boiracs visit, and certainly would show whether he had a brother there, as well as whether the house was locked up on the day in question. The staff in the H?tel Maximilian in Brussels would know whether or not he was there on the Wednesday night, and could tell about the receipt of the telephone message booking the room. Finally, it would be worth finding out if Berliozs Les Troyens was really given on that evening at the Thatre de la Monnaie.

There remains therefore the carter.

He went out at once?

Correct, monsieur.

He went a step further. If the murder had taken place at St. Malo, the cask must have been packed there. He recalled the traces this operation had left in Boiracs study. Surely some similar indications must have been left at the villa? If the cask had stood on a carpet or even possibly a linoleum, he might expect marks of the ring. And if not, there was the sawdust. He did not believe every trace of sawdust could have been removed.

The head waiter, with whom he began, could not himself give any information, but he took Felixs photo round among his men, and at last found one who had seen the artist. Felix, it appeared from this mans statement, had dined there one evening some five or six weeks previously. The man, an Italian, remembered him because he had first supposed him to be a compatriot. But, unfortunately, he could not fix the date, and no one else, so far as Clifford could learn, had seen the artist at all. Clifford had regretfully to admit that this evidence, like Mrs. Murphys, was useless. In the lawyers private judgment it undoubtedly tended to confirm Felixs statement, and he found himself more and more inclined to believe the Frenchman. But a personal impression was one thing, and evidence in a court of law another.

Now I have another unpleasant thing to tell you. Caught in the hem of that curtain and hidden by the chair, a pin was founda diamond safety pin. That pin, Mr. Felix, was attached to the shoulder of Madame Boiracs dress on the night of the dinner party.

Why, of course Im sure. Really, Mr. Inspector, Id like to know by what right I am being subjected to this examination.

He was. He is an artist and painting is therefore his specialty, but he had a good knowledge of sculpture also.

Not a word, sir.

But to none of those millions did the news come with such a sense of personal shock and affront as to our old acquaintance, Dr. William Martin, of The Elms, near Brent village, on the Great North Road. Dr. Martin, it will be remembered, was the man who, on the night on which Constable Walker watched from behind his tree, called at St. Malo and insisted on Felix accompanying him home to play bridge. The two men were close friends. Many an afternoon they had spent together on the banks of a neighbouring trout stream, many an evening had slipped rapidly away round the doctors billiard table. And with Martins family also Felix was a favourite. No member of it but was pleased to welcome the Frenchman to the house, or but had some special confidence to share with him.

What about your French friend? You dont know whom he may have written to. You dont know that all your actions with the cask may not have been watched.

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2023-05-29 07:44:30 [自贡市网友]

That was on the Tuesday, wasnt it?

2023-05-29 07:44:30 [合肥市网友]

Bad business, this, resumed the Chief. He didnt know what was coming?

2023-05-29 07:44:30 [连云港市网友]

Well, said Mr. Avery, as the Inspector signed that was all he wanted, we are much obliged to you. Heres something for you.

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2023-05-29 07:44:30 [湖州市网友]

It will mean a detective.

2023-05-29 07:44:30 [邯郸市网友]

I am expecting to meet a M. Boirac here, Lefarge began. Can you tell me if he is in the hotel?

2023-05-29 07:44:30 [淮北市网友]

Yes, swinging there from the ceiling, answered Felix, as he came over from fastening back the door. Then his jaw dropped and he stared fixedly.

2023-05-29 07:44:30 [株洲市网友]

You shouldnt have much difficulty, I think. The Paris men are bound to know if there are any recent disappearances, and if not you have the cask and the clothing to fall back on.

2023-05-29 07:44:30 [新竹市网友]

I wonder, monsieur, if you would be so very kind as to tell me whether the M. Armande Boirac, who is a member of your board, is the brother of M. Raoul Boirac, the managing director of the Avrotte Pump Construction Company of Paris? I went to Malines this morning to see M. Armande, but he was from home, and I do not wish to spend time in finding out his address and communicating with him, unless he really is the man I seek.