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How nice of you, she said involuntarily. She had been admiring Claudia all the evening. I do hope I am in good voice, but my little boy has an attack of bronchitis and I was up with him most of the night. And when you are a little tired

But her words were regretful. She would have loved to sit in the Park and have tea under the trees, where the birds come hopping round your chairs for crumbs, and everything around is green and fragrant. It would have accorded so much better with her mood than paying formal calls on people to whom she couldnt tell the great and important thing that had happened to her.

He looked into her eyes with his, over which he had not troubled to draw the blinds of conventionality. They underlined and emphasized the spoken words so that no woman could fail to understand. And she felt a pleasing sensation of power as she parried his devotion. She did not acknowledge it to herself, but she was subtly aware that they were both on the brink of deep waters. His eyes had spoken words of love for many weeks. His very na?vet and boyishness had its attraction for her. He was just as easy to move as Gilbert was difficult. She could colour his thoughts, deflect his mind, bring him instantly inside the circle of her mood. He took his colour from her like a chameleon, and she did not stop to consider whether she alone had this power, or if Frank Hamilton were always so influenced by attractive women.

Claudia took him quite seriously, for happiness, just as sorrow, may temporarily obscure a sense of humour. I forbid you to say such things of yourself, she said, with an engaging air of motherliness. Youre awfully cleverawfully clever. Why, you are one of the best-read[60] and best-informed men in London. Suddenly she realized how often she had turned to him for information or advice. And she could never remember an occasion on which he had failed her, or an opinion that her critical faculty on reflection deemed unsound.

Yes, but my dear boy, said Image at length, what is success?

The impression Paton made on the casual observer was that of a well-groomed reserved man of a very English type, and one of the best. There was nothing at all arresting in his appearance; he had regular features, smooth hair, well-cared-for hands, and a general air of wellbeing.[8] He was three years older than Gilbert, though they had been at Oxford together, but he had been delicate in his early manhood, and had spent several years in desultory travel. Patons movements were all quietly deliberate; they might have belonged to a man of fifty equally well as to a man of thirty. He did not give the impression of forceful energy, as did his friend. Quite unlike in character and tastes, they were yet excellent friends, and though Gilbert would have been at a loss to describe or analyse Patonhe had no interest in psychology, apart from its bearing on his legal workPaton had long ago realized the possibilities and the limitations of his host.

My dear fellow, the strongest horse, if you overwork him, will sometimes go lame. Youve been working very hard the last couple of years. Keep things in their proper proportionsthats the secret of life and happinessproportion!


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Now you are making fun of me, she replied, with a tiny frown, and I was quite serious. Its difficult to explain. Butwell, I hate the usual sort of man who does nothing except wear his clothes well, dont you? Look at Jack. He sets off his uniform beautifully, but he just footles his life away. There doesnt seem anything between that and great strenuosityexcept you. I cant place you. Somehow you always make me see[61] things in a different perspective from anyone else. I wonder why it is. Sometimes you make things seem better and sometimes you make them seem worse.

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Claudia thought over these words as she thoughtfully pulled on her gloves. And simultaneously she recalled a scene soon after Gilberts proposal when she had, as to-night, stood in front of the mirror and slowly divesting herself of her garments, half shyly, half exultingly, because of her love of beauty, had watched the charms of her body emerge. She had rejoiced in her own comeliness because it was a gift she was bringing to her husband, a wedding gift such as few women could present.

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She expected to see him start, but he did not. He did, however, look at her, with a curious, critical, upward gaze.

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His back was towards her, busy with the bookcase. She looked at it coldly, critically.

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The first notes of Brahms Sapphische Ode throbbed through the inharmonious room. Margaret Milton had the deep, pure contralto that makes the listener think of all things tender and true and intimate, the things that no man or woman says, even to his twin soul, but sometimes in the watches of the night whispers to the shadows. And the shadows enfold them and carry them away into the Hinterland beyond the setting of the sun, with the poignant tears and the imperishable kisses, the pain and the joy and the passion of mortals.

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Claudia wanted to say How ridiculous! but she couldnt. The motor was passing a large burial ground, the tombstones showing by the railings like dreary grey ghosts in the darkness, shut in with the wet, dripping trees, and looking hungrily at life passing a few yards away. Underneath those tombstones were hearts and brains in silent decay that had once been men and women. Claudia watched them flit by and she was silent now. She wondered if those tombstones had a message for her. Were not the dead saying Live! live! live! Death started out to meet as soon as you were born.

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