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Burnley handed them over and they went to the luggage bureau. Lefarges card had a magical effect, and in a very few minutes the sacking-covered barrel had been found and loaded on to the cart. Lefarge instructed the driver.

Is M. Fran?ois there? he asked, when he had got through.

Let me congratulate you, Mr. Broughton, on your very clear statement.

But how on earth did he get our paper?

Shortly after seven M. Boirac came in. He saw Lefarge at once.

He turned again to the shopman.

Before the dumbfounded man could realise what was happening, a pair of handcuffs had snapped on his wrists and he was being pushed in the direction of the car.

The wiry man winked deliberately.

The detective took the Metro at Chatelet, Burnley going west to his hotel in the rue Castiglione, and Lefarge east to the Gare de Lyons.

Chut, man! You neednt keep it up. Your part in the thing is known, and if it wasnt you would soon give it away. Dubois, you havent red enough blood for this kind of thing! Be guided by me. Make a clean breast of it, and Ill give you the hundred francs, and, whats more, Ill do my best to help you out of your trouble with your employers. If you dont, youll have to come along now to the S?ret. Make up your mind quickly what youre going to do.

Yes, I do. It was late in the evening, about eleven, I should think.

Then for both our sakes I hope your case will not go on. Good-day, Mr. Burnley. Glad to have met you.

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The handwriting was the same in each, at least that was his first impression, but on a closer examination he felt somewhat less certain. He was not a handwriting expert, but he had come across a good many of these men, and was aware of some of their methods. He applied those he knew and at last came to the conclusion that Felix had written the order, though a certain doubt remained. He wrote another note to his Chief and enclosed the two letters, asking him to have them compared.

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That you, Mallet? Which of you is off duty? You? Well, I want your company to-night on a short excursion. Will you call round for dinner here at seven and we can go on afterwards?

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I assure you, monsieur, I dont know what you mean. What cask are you referring to?

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I wonder, monsieur, if you would be so very kind as to tell me whether the M. Armande Boirac, who is a member of your board, is the brother of M. Raoul Boirac, the managing director of the Avrotte Pump Construction Company of Paris? I went to Malines this morning to see M. Armande, but he was from home, and I do not wish to spend time in finding out his address and communicating with him, unless he really is the man I seek.

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The circumstances are certainly singular, said the Chief. Let me think whom I shall put in charge of it with you. Dupont is perhaps the best man, but he is engaged on that burglary at Chartres. He looked up a card index. Of those disengaged, the best perhaps are Cambon, Lefarge, and Bontemps. All good men.

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I may remind you, in passing, how easy it would have been to load up the cask in spite of its weight. All that was necessary was to back the vehicle under it and lower out the differential pulley, a thing a man could do with one hand.

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Leaving the apothecary and waiter bowing and smiling as a result of their douceurs, La Touche turned his steps to the pier and took a river steamer to the Pont de lAlma. Walking up the Avenue, he rang at Boiracs and was soon closeted with Fran?ois in his little room.

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M. Boirac had told his story simply and directly, and his manner seemed to bear the impress of truth. The statement carried conviction to his hearers, who felt their sympathy going out to this man who had acted so loyally to the wife who had betrayed him. M. Chauvet spoke,